Regarding Specialists in Internal Medicine and Diseases Treated

Internal medicine doctor or internist is a doctor who handles various complaints and health problems in adult patients and the elderly. The treatment includes all internal organs. The title of specialist in internal medicine or SpPD is given to doctors who have taken and completed the Specialization Program of Internal Medicine. Internal medicine is medical science that deals with adults and the elderly, including non-surgical diseases, covering almost the entire human body with various complaints and symptoms of the disease. Clinically, the field of internal medicine is divided into several subspecialties. Each subspecialist doctor (Consultant) of internal medicine will handle the disease in accordance with their scientific fields, namely: Clinical Allergy-Immunology (Sp.PD-KAI) Specialist doctors in allergic and immunology consultants have special expertise in handling various diseases caused by allergies and immune disorders, including anaphylactic reactions, asthma, allergic
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